About Us

After 20 years in the San FrancisCo Bay Area, we moved to Lake Tahoe for a simpler life. We purchased this home in 1999 and after two years of planning and permitting did an extensive remodel. Because it has such incredible views of the lake, (and hence can be seen from the lake) we had to get special building permissions from a bi-state agency called Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The house already had contemporary elements and we decided to retain and build on these.

In this home there is little need for a "mountain decor.” Snow capped mountains, forests, hawks dancing in mid-air at eye level and The Lake are so dominant in the views that the mountain theme envelopes the house and becomes natural mountain decor sitting in minimalist design and decor. You'll find this home gives you as sense of relaxation in luxury. While there are TV's in all bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living room you'll find the ever-changing views of the lake are mesmerizing. They connect you to nature in an ever-relaxing way!

Springtime brings views of sail boats flitting across the lake. Sumertime lake traffic increases, with sea-planes, the daily trips of the old paddle steamer and speedboats. In Fall, along Ward Creek, which sits below the house you can see a golden shimmering ribbon of the Aspen foliage. These water-loving trees grow along the banks of the creek, tracing a natural ribbon of light green in Spring and gold in Fall. And in winter, after sun-down you can see the lights of the snow cats working the slopes of Heavenly ski resort far in the distance across the lake.

These are just some of the reasons we love this house, our family and friends love it and why we have so many repeat guests.